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About Campus Wide Network

The Campus Wide Networking (CWN) facility of the institution for ubiquitous network connectivity throughout the campus. At present CWN has one redundant high end 24 port fibre core switch and 60 access switches. The Connectivity between the core switch to the access switch is through a single mode fibre optic backbone. The existing bandwidth between the core switch to the access switch is 10 GBPS. Currently the CWN is supplemented with 100 MBPS of internet link (BSNL) to cater the internet requirement of the campus along with this two 100 MBPS fibre broadband from BBNL. The college has created a private cloud on Lenovo servers to meet the computing requirement of the campus. Campus intranet has paved the way to provide seamless access to e-journals, online lecture streaming and application software. The Centre also maintains the e-mail services of the institution. Additionally the CWN provides wireless connectivity to enable electronic gadgets of students and staff. PDACEK has allotted static IP addresses to its servers. This facilitated the institution a global presence in the internet domain.


  • Monitors Campus-wide networking using D-Link D-View
  • Dedicated 200 Mbps leased line (100 Mbps BSNL, 100 Mbps Airtel)
  • Network connectivity through Wired and Wi-Fi
  • Total number of computers on network-900
  • 24/7 Internet facility to the Campus
  • High-end Servers (02 nos. with 2 TB Storage)
  • Enables online access to International Journals
  • Official email Service & Messaging
  • Number of Printers-90
  • Licensed System Software’s- 6
  • Licensed Application Software’s- 40