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Semester End Examination


Semester End Examination

At the end of every semester (ODD/EVEN) the institute shall conduct Examination. Evaluation is done under the supervision and jurisdiction of Controller of Examination.

Generally ODD Semester End Examinations is held between November to December and Even Semester End Examinations is held between April to May.

A student shall be considered to have completed a Course successfully and earned the credits if he/she secures an acceptable letter grade in the range S to E. Letter grade ‘F’ in any Course implies failure of the student in that Course and no credits earned.


It is a grievance redressing mechanism which facilitates the students to get the answer scripts reassessed by a different examiner.

Makeup Examination

Student who obtains transitional grades such as ‘I’, ‘W’ and ‘X’ in SEE are eligible to appear in subsequent examinations considered as Makeup Examination, and can secure Letter Grades for that particular course. Student who fails to obtain letter grades in Makeup Examination will automatically obtain F grade for respective course.

Summer Semester

Student who obtain F grade in a particular course including absent/NSSR/NSAR in ODD and EVEN semester is eligible for Summer Semester for that particular course only. Student can register for Supplementary Semester examination with maximum of 16 credits .He/She will have to attend the classes and take up the CIE once again and then further Examination. Supplementary Semester is held between June-August.