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Mathematics Publications

Year National Journals International Journals National Conferences International Conferences
S.No Year Type Publication Details
1. 2020-2021 International Journal

The Effect of transverse Magnetic field on Rough Secant Curved Circular Plates with Couple-Stress fluids (2021, Design engineering)

Dr.S B Malipatil

2. 2020-2021 International Journal

Squeeze film lubrication between porous circular plates with Rabinowitsh fluid model 

( 2020, IJMPERD)

Dr.S B Malipatil

3. 2020-2021 International Journal

Theoretical Study Of Effect of Magnetic-Hydrodynamics and Couple Stress on Squeeze Film Lubrication of Rough Triangular Plates( 2020, IJMPERD)


4. 2020-2021 International Journal

Influence of magnetic field on a curved circular plate and flat plate lubricated with non-Newtonian fluid ( 2020, Journal of Physics: Conference Series)


5. 2020-2021 International Journal

Analysis of MHD Effect on Rayleigh Step Slider Bearing Lubricated with Couple Stress Fluids ( 2020, IJMPERD


6. 2020-2021 International Journal

MHD boundary layer flow of a casson nano liquid over a penetrable linearly stretching sheet with frictional heating effects in Brinkmann Forcheiemerr porous medium.

Dr.Veena M B

Reference Link
7. 2020-2021 International Journal

Effects of heat generation/absorption on thin film flow of an unsteady casson fluid over a penetrable flat plate.

Dr.Veena M B

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8. 2018-2019 International Journal

Analysis of the viscosity dependent parameters of couple stress fluid in porous parallel plates

( 2018, Industrial Lubrication and Tribology)


9. 2018-2019 International Journal

Effect of MHD on Pivoted Curved Slider Bearing Lubricated with Non-Newtonian Fluid

(2019, ISOR-JEN)


10. 2016-2017 International Journal

Effect of variable, viscosity Buoyancy and variable thermal conductivity on mixed convection heat transfer due to an exponentially stretching surface with magnetic field.

Dr.Veena M B